Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Developments in 2010.....

Two exciting new developments underway at the Hospital should dramatically increase doctors’ ability to diagnose children’s problems accurately.

The first is a major revamp of the laboratory, which has been led by Angela Allen of Swansea University and funded by THET, the British Council and the Oxted Trust. As well as new equipment and supplies, laboratory staff have gone to Swansea to receive training in use and maintenance of the new equipment, all of which will be followed up and reinforced over the coming year. This will have knock-on benefits for the national Maternity hospital next door, which shares use of the laboratory.

The second big improvement is the arrival of an Xray machine. Before now, patients requiring an Xray had to travel miles across town to the main government hospital, which was unsafe for the sickest or those requiring oxygen. We are now working to ensure that appropriately trained staff, procedures and supplies are in place.

The Hospital has benefited enormously this year from a back-up generator, generously paid for by RTC Ltd. Power cuts are common and essential equipment, such as oxygen machines, rely on continuous electricity.

Life-saving equipment was also provided for the Baby Unit, where all children under 28 days old are admitted – often directly from the Maternity Hospital next door. The Oxted Trust and others paid for oxygen concentrators and a suction machine, whilst volunteers including Dr Chris Bird, Tina Koso-Thomas and Dr Fiona Ringholz carried out training for the staff.

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