Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#GivingTuesday: Help Welbodi Partnership Build Sierra Leone's Healthcare System Back Better

#BlackFriday and #CyberMonday are over, and what the women and children in Sierra Leone need, can’t be bought in a day. Will you help us use #GivingTuesday to kickstart the recovery phase of the Ebola response? We will be fundraising over the holiday period and the New Year to "build back better” and ensure that what we do now is sustainable and makes a real and lasting difference to women and children in Sierra Leone. 

Please act now so that together we can address the needs at the Children’s Hospital and start making a difference. With your support we can start taking steps to rebuild the healthcare system and build it back better. By laying a strong foundation now and starting the recovery process, we will be able to strengthen our ability to secure longer term funding to invest in maternal and child health for the years to come. 

Today, you could make one-time donation here or give a valuable ongoing gift with a recurring monthly donation (UKUSA). Even a few dollars or pounds per month will help. If you sign up this month for a new recurring donation to our Global Giving project, an anonymous donor will match your donation up to $200!

Photo credit: Sandra Lako 2011