Sunday, April 21, 2013

X-ray Project – Fundraising completed!

I am very pleased to provide you with an update on the x-ray project and happy to announce that we have reached our fundraising target! This is great news for Ola During Children’s Hospital and the children in Sierra Leone.

More good news is that the equipment is scheduled to arrive on the 18th of May and a clearing agent is already processing the paper work so that we get the equipment out of the port within days of its arrival. Meanwhile, the recruitment process for x-ray technicians is underway and a Canadian radiographer arrived last week to help set up the x-ray department and further train the technicians over the next 4 months. The radiography staff will undergo a radiation protection safety training in May 2013 and the Radiation Protection Board will come to inspect the x-ray department in June, which is when we hope to have the x-ray department up and running.

I continue to be very excited about this project because I know that a functioning x-ray department will have a positive impact on the care we can provide for the children in the hospital. I look forward to the day that we no longer have to send children across town to Connaught hospital for x-rays!

I would like to extend my appreciation to everyone who raised money for this project, as friends and family of Welbodi Partnership staff made over 150 contributions over the past 9 months. I would also like to thank the various Foundations that have made significant contributions to this project.

Tenki plenti.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Welcome to our newest team member: Dr Paul Gibson

We are excited to welcome our newest team member: Dr. Paul Gibson

Paul is a paediatrician from England who has come to work at the Ola During Children’s Hospital for a year through the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) Global Links programme. He qualified from Manchester Medical School, England, in 1981. He studied and worked in the UK (Manchester, Liverpool, London, Northern Ireland, Lancaster and Cumbria), India, South Africa and Papua New Guinea. He is taking a sabbatical from paediatrics and child health in Lancaster and Cumbria from March 2013.

Paul will work alongside the paediatric consultants at the hospital to provide clinical services on the wards as well as support and supervise the Sierra Leonean house officers during their six-month rotation. Paul will also help pioneer the postgraduate training programme for doctors at the hospital.
Welcome to the team Paul!

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