Wednesday, November 27, 2013

News from the X-ray Department by Abdul Sakpa: X-ray Technician

My past experience I have gathered is from the Emergency Surgical Centre where I was trained and worked as an X-Ray Technician with a manual X-Ray Machine, by which we normally used a cassette to expose X-Ray film and go to the dark room for film processing, Therefore we will have to spend some time in preparing the result for the Doctor to make a quick decision on the Patient.

With the new Digital X-Ray Machine which is a modern technology, it produces good Quality images and makes work easier for the technician, it also produces fast results which can facilitate the Doctors to make a decision on patient.

By working in this new X-Ray department I see myself into another level, as I am exposed to new technology I believe it will extend my experience by working with this Digital X-Ray Machine rather than using an X-Ray Cassette or going to the darkroom for film processing.             
It is very beneficial to have an X-Ray Department in the Hospital rather than going somewhere else. From my understanding, patient used to go for X-Ray examination at the Connaught Hospital, which was a disadvantage on the part of (O.D.C.H), in this process by which Patient were used to going a long distance, that might cause a patient to die on their way. But by having the X-Ray department in the Hospital Patient and Relative are benefiting greatly from this facility.
I hope to see the Hospital extend a helping hand to those Hospitals that do not have the X-Ray facility, to also consider adult patients, because this has been the only facility around the community, to also provide printer in other to produce hard copy result for patients. Considering the nature of the job, staff encouragement should be the top most priority.  


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