Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ola During Children’s Hospital Goes Online - Thank You to LimeLine, IMATT, and friends!

Thanks to LimeLine, one of Sierra Leone's leading internet service providers, the Ola During Children’s Hospital and neighbouring Princess Christian Maternity Hospital now have network connections and free internet service for the next year. This connectivity will help improve the service the hospitals can provide, through online opportunities for staff training and medical research. We are also exploring possibilities for e-medicine and remote consultation by paediatric specialists outside of Sierra Leone.

This generous donation from LimeLine quite literally connects the hospital to the rest of the world! Thank you!

Huge thanks are also owed to other people who donated time, money, and expertise to get the hospitals online.

Thank you to our friends at the International Military Advisory and Training Team (IMATT) in Freetown, who donated materials as well as their expertise to help install the network. We really appreciate the time and resources they have given us.

Finally, a massive thank you to Meghan and Carol Roecklein, who deserve credit both for spearheading this effort and for their time, energy and support along the way. This would never have happened without you!

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