Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Welbodi Partnership Team

We are thrilled to introduce the new members of our team.

Ishmael Turay – Ishmael is a Medical Officer at the Ola During Children’s Hospital (ODCH), and has been a core Welbodi partner since 2007. Ishmael has now been appointed as the Welbodi liaison officer. He will be responsible for coordinating all volunteers as well as supervising the use of donated equipment and helping to prepare proposals for the SLICH board.

Emily Spry – Emily is a primary care doctor from the UK with a special interest in training health care workers. She will be volunteering in Sierra Leone for a year and her work at ODCH will concentrate on training.

Fiona Ringholz - Fiona is a paediatrican from the UK who will be based at ODCH for one year. The placement has been organised by Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), but we will be working closely with Fiona to help make her placement as successful as possible.

Sarah Jones - Sarah will be joining Welbodi in October. Sarah previously worked as a fundraiser for The Amy Biehl Foundation, an NGO based in South Africa, and will be working as a full-time fundraising and publicity volunteer for the Welbodi Partnership.

Matthew Clark
– Matthew, a co-director of the Welbodi Partnership, will be based at ODCH from September until November. Matthew will be making sure the new team get settled in and overseeing all our work at ODCH.

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