Friday, May 15, 2015

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to work in Sierra Leone?

Are you looking for something different? Would you be interested in working in Sierra Leone?
Welbodi Partnership is recruiting – maybe you are the person we are looking for.
You're the kind of person who likes to pitch in and help out wherever needed. You're excited to be part of a small but growing organization, helping to expand their team, kick-start new projects, and make a difference in Sierra Leone. You're positive, enthusiastic, and you see problems as just a temporary obstacle to be overcome with determination and teamwork. You're eager to roll up your sleeves and get work done, and you're not concerned about who gets credit. You know your way around an excel spreadsheet and a financial report, are comfortable screening resumes or interviewing job candidates, and could stop-gap project management from time to time -- but you're also willing to help figure out why the generator is making a strange noise, or to spend an afternoon buying furniture for a new flat.
If that sounds like you, please check out the full advert for a new and exciting position for Operations Manager here:

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