Thursday, April 23, 2015

A big thank you to Josie Prynn...

Welbodi Partnership is privileged to have had Josie on our team for two months. The time was too short, but Josie was able to accomplish a lot during her time with us. Her focus was on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) training, which included facilitating a pilot training at the Children's Hospital as well as engaging with hospital staff from Rokupa and PCMH (Maternity Hospital) to start setting up the IPC project there. New staff will carry on where Josie left off to ensure that infection prevention and control becomes a reality in the hospitals that Welbodi Partnership supports so that staff and patients are safe. 

Josie is a doctor who qualified from the University of Manchester, and has a degree in International Health from Leeds University. Following completion of the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Josie worked in Kambia, Sierra Leone for several months in 2014. Keen to come back to Sierra Leone she was happy to be offered a position as IPC Trainer, supporting the national IPC project implementation. On leaving, Josie said: “I really enjoy working with Welbodi as they have a sustainable approach that looks towards long-term goals rather than quick fixes”

Thank you Josie for joining the Welbodi Partnership team in Sierra Leone. 

Click here to read one of Josie's post on sustainability:

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