Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Introducing Welbodi's newest team member

We are excited to welcome our newest team member: Roderick Labicane, more popularly known as Dickya.

Dickya is a registered nurse from the Philippines with a Master's Degree in Clinical Supervision. He is no stranger to Sierra Leone. He spent the last year and a half volunteering with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) as a Clinical Nurse Tutor in Eastern Polytechnic School of Nursing and Kenema Government Hospital. During that time he delivered a series of workshops and trainings in Kenema as well as district hospitals throughout Sierra Leone. Welbodi staff and two nurses from the Ola During Children’s Hospital joined Dickya for one of those workshops and experienced his excellent teaching skills first hand.

Dickya joined Welbodi in September 2012 as a Nurse Educator and will oversee the capacity building activities for the 150+ nurses at the Ola During Children's Hospital. He will develop in-service modules in paediatric nursing and train national nurse educators to help deliver these. We look forward to seeing this unfold.

Welcome to the team Dickya!

Would you like to get involved? Contact info@welbodipartnership.org

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  1. thanks for the warm welcome and great introduction. but just to add up some more information, my real full name is Roderick Labicane, but i am more popularly known as Dickya. thanks a lot. really glad to be part of the great team.