Monday, January 25, 2010

Thanks to your donations: More Oxygen for Sick Children

Thanks to our generous supporters, Welbodi Partnership has been able to buy four smart new oxygen concentrators, which arrived at the Hospital earlier this month.

These fantastic machines provide essential oxygen for up to four sick children at a time and are undoubtedly saving lives every week, if not every day. Prior to this, the Hospital had only four machines and babies and kids who needed oxygen often went without.

Other work-in-progress includes adding four extra water tanks, which will store water for when the mains supply is interrupted (as it often is).

We are also incredibly excited this month to have employed an Associate Professor of Paediatrics from Nigeria, Prof Abiodun, who is charged with guiding the hospital towards teaching hospital standards, so that it becomes the place where Sierra Leone’s future Paediatric doctors and nurses can be properly trained.

Reaching our vision of a centre of excellence for Paediatrics in Sierra Leone is going to take a lot more time, money and effort, with many challenges along the way. But the Hospital and its partners are committed to making it happen, bit-by-bit (or “Small small” as they say in Krio).

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